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If you’re the owner of a growing business or organization, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). 

It's one of the most popular and effective forms of search engine marketing (SEM), or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It's the fastest method for targeting the specific type of new customers you want, when you want them. When managed by Certified Google ninjas, the results are immediate.

Reach people looking right now for what you do with Google Ads Management from Social Bump. Unlike mailers, radio, social media, or emails, Google Ads campaigns get the attention of your future clients, exactly when they are ready to act - when they are searching for you.

Text search ads, display banner ads, shopping product ads, YouTube video ads, remarketing banner ads that follow your visitors around the web on other websites... we do it all.

Let your competition play 'hard to get' while you are seen at the top of Google search results and all across the web on phones, tablets, and computers. No scrolling necessary.

Get Your Website Boosted!

  • ​Month-to-Month Service (No commitment required)
  • Pay-per-click to target new customers.
  • Designated Ads Manager
  • ​Certified Google Ads Partner
  • ​Clicks are paid directly to Google (not to us).
  • ​Campaign Set-Up & Performance Management
  • Control time of day, target area, ad text, keywords, etc.
  • ​Highlight unique offers with call-out extensions.
  • ​Adjust the monthly Google budget at will.
  • ​Search, Display, Shopping Ads, Remarketing, YouTube
  • ​Tracking: Website Forms & Call Tracking*
  • ​Monthly Reporting


As a certified Google Ads partner, we make the most of your budget for a flat fee. Together, we decide on how much money you want to spend each month, what services or products to focus on, and determine your overall goals. We setup and manage the whole campaign, with no headaches or hassle for you. Now just relax and watch your money grow.

With a designated manager who spends the time and effort to "trim the weeds," our results speak for themselves.

Budget & Schedule

Control the time of day you appear, target specific locations, and increase or decrease your budget as needed. We offer flexible budget and spending adjustments, so you can quickly stop, start, and pause your ads.
  • When do you want your ads to appear?
  • ​Where do you want to get customers from?
  • ​Is your business seasonal? Tell us about it.
  • ​Which services / products should be featured?
  • ​Do you have specials or discounts we can offer?
The most important part is measuring results and controlling spending. Advertise when and where it's most profitable for you.

Control Your Clicks

Keywords make the web go round. We manage keywords that are under-performing, add new keywords as new pages are added to your website, match your campaign to your changing goals, and much more. We aim to lower the cost-per-click (CPC) as the overall campaign performance improves.
  • Automatic & Manual Bidding
  • ​Keyword Bid Adjustments
  • ​Location Bid Adjustments
  • ​Mobile Bid Adjustments
  • ​Negative Keywords
  • ​Match Type Adjustments
  • ​Ad Extensions (Phone, Location, Sitelinks, etc.)
  • ​CPC Review (Lowers Cost Per Click)
  • ​Conversion & Lead Review
We measure each keyword and AdGroup appearing on Google Ads to see how they impact your overall performance.

How Much to Spend?

Avoid wasting money on unprofitable ads and missed opportunities. If the campaign is highly successful, and you want to increase the amount of traffic you're getting by increasing your budget, we don't get in the way. You can spend as much (or as little) as you would like directly with Google Ads. Our fee to manage the campaign is the same.
  • How many new monthly leads or sales do you want?
  • ​How much is a new lead worth to you?
  • ​What percentage of your leads turn into a job?
  • ​How much is the average job worth to you?
  • ​In what location do you want your ads to run?
  • ​How often do you want your ads to run?
  • ​How competitive is your industry?
  • ​What is the cost per click in your industry?
We can start a new campaign or take over an existing campaign.

Analytics & Reporting

Reports will be sent on the 1st of each month via email. The reports show all keywords, conversions, cost, and overall performance. Form submissions will be tracked with a code that will be added to the website. Phone calls will be tracked with a phone number that is only triggered on the website when a person clicks from Google Ads.
  • Form leads submitted to your website.
  • ​Calls from your website.
  • ​The cost per conversion.
  • ​The total monthly cost.
  • ​The number of impressions received.
  • ​The number of clicks received.
  • ​The average cost per click.
  • ​The click-through rate of your ads.
You'll know exactly why your phone is blowing up. Review our reports to tell us if you see terms we should trim if you no longer care about them.

If you have tried Google Ads in the past and it didn't work, it was most likely set-up incorrectly. Give it another shot.


Feel like you’ve been there and done that, but it just didn’t work? We believe that real people and transparent reporting make all the difference. We provide intuitive, experienced, consistent ad management. You get complete control over your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising presence without all the hassle.

Most companies take a percentage of your budget, trim their profits off the top, and put the rest into your PPC campaign. If you can't see your cost per click (sorted by keyword), then there is a good chance you are being taken advantage of.


Get found fast, and often, for the right high-traffic, industry-researched keywords. When used correctly and adjusted frequently, Google Ads can get you sales and calls. In short... you get results. All before your free or "organic" search results have the chance to appear.


When we combine a highly targeted Google Ads campaign with our monthly SEO services and a properly designed website, you will ideally be "on the 1st page of Google" in multiple places. No matter where your customer is looking, they'll still find you.


How does it work? You pay for ads and we set up the campaign based on your goals. Your monthly budget is split into the amount of days you want ads to run (specific days, weekdays, weekends, or all month). Once your budget is used up, the ads no longer show. Need even more customers? 

Just refuel, double down, and light it up.


Typically, we suggest starting with an absolute minimum Google Ads budget of $1,000 per month. That monthly budget is paid directly to Google and establishes your daily spend - the bucket we get paid clicks from. After the initial month, we will be able to recommend a monthly budget moving forward. The results are documented; spend as much, or as little, as you like and see what’s working for you.

We fully manage the campaign, adjusting it as needed, to get you the most targeted clicks at the lowest possible cost.


Here are some of our most popular marketing packages.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve visibility with "organic traffic" from search engines.
  • We have proven SEO results because we do real work to get your website ranked and increase your online footprint.

Facebook Advertising

Improve visibility with "organic traffic" from search engines.
  • Facebook Ads (PPC) will get you found immediately with the control we need to get the right customers. Optimized...

Listing Management

Improve visibility with "organic traffic" from search engines.
  • Direct integrations with more than 75+ global maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, directories, and social.


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